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HUDSON - Manufactured in London, ON, CANADA - Setting the standard; with Shark Series hull designs, Super Predator and Ultimate Super Predator construction. Be a Shark. Discover more at:



Concept2 has been manufacturing, innovating, servicing and distributing Dreissigacker Racing Oars, the Concept2 Indoor Rower and the new SkiErg from its corporate headquarters in Vermont, USA since 1977. For further information about our products and worldwide dealer network please go to our website:




Croker Oars are a high quality Australian made product. Our carbon composite racing oars have proven their successes against the best in the world. For a finer finish every time visit


WinTech Racing

WinTech Racing is the worlds largest rowing shell manufacturer, located in China. We have dealers located around the world to provide you with high quality racing, recreational and adaptive shells, launches and rowing accessories. You can find us at or your next regatta.


Swift Racing

With distributors in over 40 countries and over 1,o00 boats sold in 2013, Swift Racing is perhaps the biggest and certainly the fasting growing rowing boat company in the world today. We have a full range of moulds (30 moulds) from 1x to 8+, as well as coastal, touring, recreational and adaptive boats. Our High Performance boats are suited to top level racing and our Club Performance are ideal for training, general club use, and recreation. We offer various rigger options, and a growing list of accessories. For more information please see here:




Stämpfli, founded in 1896, has always been at the forefront of introducing technology andinnovation to racing boats. The development of the Stämpfli ST1 Single in anAutoclave has been the most recent confirmation of Stämpfli.

For more information please see here: or



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BioRow Ltd. is UK based company providing biomechanics services in rowing based on our vast experience since 1986: rowing technique and equipment testing, efficiency analysis and improvement; we could supply biomechanics equipment, help you with R&D and run coaches’ seminars and courses. ;




Various kind of oars and sculls produced by BRACA-SPORT are first-quality widespread products popular with professionals, additionally we have option for recreational and children rowers too. The blade construction is completely different (including the design, manufacturing and overall performance) from the products of the other manufacturers. For further details and distribution network please visit our website:



Hangzhou Kanghua Boats is a professional Chinese manufacturer of high quality rowing boats, oars and accessories. Even though we are a new brand, Kanghua rowing boats are already being used by world-class athletes. Email: UK sales: European sales: Website:




Liangjin Boat was established in 1986, is one of the oldest boat builders in China. In the past 20 years we have sent different rowing boats (from 1X to 8+) to 6 continents in the world, as well as kayaks and canoes. We will keep on making good boats and providing you good service. We are looking forward to hear from you.




Martinoli - Specialised in the production of fittings for rowing and for regatta boats olympic model. You can find us during the most important international FISA races (World Championships and World Cup).



Nelo Official Supplier

NeloRowing is Nelo's latest project, an ambitious challenge associated with a brand that is synonymous with quality and state-of-the-art technology. Our brand is well known worldwide for its extensive experience in boatbuilding as always been renowed for its techical solutions, as well as its athlete focused services. For further information please visit our website; and follow us on our facebook page:




Nielsen-Kellerman is at the forefront of athletic performance measurement, designing and building products in the USA primarily for rowing (the SpeedCoach, CoxBox and EmPower Oarlock to name a few), but also for running, swimming and competitive paddlesports. In the 40 years since we released the first CoxBox, our professional network has grown to include 52 dealers in 47 countries; and nearly every rowing program and equipment provider in the world uses, buys or sells NK products.


RP3 Dynamic

RP3 Dynamic

RP3 Rowing is the manufacturer of the RP3 Dynamic indoor rowing simulator, located in the Netherlands. The RP3 Dynamic was the first dynamic erg in the world and came to the market in 1988. The moving Flywheel construction was invented to simulate a realistic rowing movement and save the joints and lower back. For further information about our product and worldwide dealer network please go to our website: or visit us at your next regatta.   



Shimano developed and launched rowing shoes and foot stretchers with effective use of its original technologies. How technology can contribute to sports? Shimano SRD business philosophy: to promote health and happiness through enjoyment of nature and the world around us. Feel free to visit:





Technogym Logo

Founded in 1983 and present in over 100 countries, Technogym is a leading global supplier of technology and design-driven products and services in the Wellness, Fitness and Sport industry. Technogym provides a complete range of cardio, strength and functional equipment alongside a digital cloud-based platform allowing consumers to connect with their personal wellness experience anywhere, whether on the equipment or mobile phone. Technogym was the official supplier for the last seven editions of the Olympic Games.


Pei Sheng

Pei Sheng Boat is one of the largest of Chinese rowing boat manufacturer, specializing in building the best rowing boats. We have full range of molds from 1x to 8+, for racing, training and touring. Website:




Polaritas LTD was founded in 1984. Members of the Hungarian firm are high qualified technical experts. Their basic activity is research-development in water, chemical and explosion-dangerous industrial fields. The electro-pneumatic controled Starting System and Marking System for canoe-kayak and rowing race course are some of the developments and products of the company.