FISA is one of the smaller International Federations (IF) and despite its limited resources these three governance reviews have shown that year on year improvements have been made.

Summary Scores


  Section  2016-2017  2017-2018  2019-2020
   Self-assessed  Moderated  Self-assessed  Moderated  Self-assessed  Moderated
Transparency (out of 40)  18  27  29  30  34 31 
 Integrity  10  16  23  23  29  27
 Democracy  22  22  24  24  28  28
 Development  15  20  22  21  25  25
 Control Mechanisms  17  20  25  22  25  26
 Total (out of 200)  82  105  123  120  141  137
 Mean per Indicator  1,64  2.1  2.46  2.4  2.82  2.74


 Total Moderated Score  2016-2017  2017-2018  2019-2020
 Total Moderated Score  105  120  137


 IF Group based on total moderated score (2019-2020)


Gender equity on IF Executive Boards is one of the key areas highlighted by the ASOIF Governance Review.  FISA is recognised in this respect, with over 40% female representation on both the FISA Executive Committee and the FISA Council (43% and 41% female representation respectively).

“Good governance has long been a top priority for the World Rowing Federation, FISA, and we are proud to have made valuable and concrete improvements in our key prioritised areas,” said FISA President Jean-Christophe Rolland. “We have long considered gender equality at the Executive and Council level to be essential.”

The individual report for FISA from ASOIF indicates that FISA is at the top of Group B.  The report also states that the difference between the self-assessed and moderated scores of 4 is much lower than the average markdown for 2019-20 of 13 across all IFs and demonstrates that considerable effort has gone into completing the questionnaire. FISA has comfortably exceeded the target score of 120 set by the ASOIF Governance Taskforce.

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[DOC src=”142333″ name=”FISA – ASOIF GTF IF governance assessment 2019-20″]


Best Practice

ASOIF has also published a list of best practice governance examples from IFs. FISA featured in five areas, including Gender Balance, Safeguarding Programmes and the publication of General Assembly documents. FISA’s audited accounts are also published, including an extensive archive.

ASOIF’s Members Good Governance Practice Examples:


Looking to the future, the next step in this process is the 2020 FISA Extraordinary Congress in October with amongst other proposals, the introduction of an Audit Committee consisting of majority independent membership.

FISA will be continuing its ongoing commitment to investing in governance improvements.

Third Review of International Federation Governance: https://www.asoif.com/sites/default/files/download/asoif_third_review_of_if_governance_fv-0616.pdf