Russia’s Anastasiia Liubich had the fastest time in yesterday’s semifinals. Today Liubich met winner of the other semi, Isabel van Opzeeland from the Netherlands. At the start it was Alexandra Foester of Germany who was the first to show. Then van Opzeeland started to push into the lead. Van Opzeeland is at her third junior championships and two years ago she was seventh in the single. Foester pushed back with Katelin Gildersleeve of the United States going with her. Foester medalled in the quad last year and she had now moved to a commanding lead with van Opzeeland falling back. Now Liubich was coming back and at 31 strokes per minute she overtook Canada, then van Opzeeland, then Gildersleeve and was closing in on Foester. Foester was ready and she went to 33 and held her leading margin. Gildersleeve was at 38 and trying to stave off the Dutch. Van Opzeeland had run out of steam and started to paddle. Foester had won.


Alexandra Foester, Germany, Gold
“I knew Katelin was fast and that Anastasiia would be strong the whole way down, but I went out and went as fast as I could.”

Anastasiia Liubich, Russia, Silver
“The competition was really strong today so the first half was really close! I’m happy with my position and my sprint, everything here has been perfect.”

Katelin Gildersleeve, United States of America, Bronze
“I took it one stroke at a time. I was just excited to have another race, and to try and finish as fast as I can.”

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Switzerland’s Alina Berset had the fastest time from the semifinals and she was out in front on this final day of racing. Then Poland started to push and overtook Algeria, who had been chasing Berset. The Swiss sculler then moved away to a clear water lead as the final sprint came into view. Now Daria Stavynoga of Ukraine started to make her way through the field. Stavynoga had won earlier this season at the European Junior Champs. Berset continued to lead and finishes this regatta seventh overall.


Re-watch the race here!