Romania looked the best on paper with the fastest qualifying time from the semifinals and also the reigning World Champion, Florin Aarteni-Fintinariu sitting in bow. His new partner was Alexandru Gherasim. But Italy won their semifinal yesterday and Achille Benazzo and Alessandro Bonamoneta of Italy won bronze last year in the four. Italy took the lead at the start before Romania took over in the lead. These two countries now tussled each other at the head of the field leaving Germany and Croatia to fight it out for third. Italy then lifted their stroke rate and came back on Romania. The Romanians reacted back and took back the lead rating 37. Italy attacked again.

Meanwhile Germany and Croatia were swapping places for third. This was like two separate races going on and no one looked to be relenting. Italy then went to 40 strokes per minute as they saw the close of the race come into view. Romania found another gear and went to 40. Who had the most energy left? Now Germany and Croatia were coming and they’d closed the gap on the leaders. Germany was catching up with Italy. Romania got to the line first with a photo finish between Italy and Germany giving Italy the silver.


Alexandru Gherasim (s), Romania
“That was a very hard race! The second part was better for us and the competition made it a really good race! I think it is a very fine course and very well organised.”

Achille Benazzo (b), Alessandro Bonamoneta (s), Italy
“This is good. We were ahead in the first 500, but then the Romanians made a move and got past. Near 1250 the Germans and Croatians started creeping up.”

Tom Tewes (s), Germany

“There are 4 very fast boats in this field, and our goal was not to be that 4th boat.”

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The fastest from the semifinals was the United States and they sat in the middle lane leading the way. Switzerland followed in second keeping the Americans honest. Then Greece began to move and they came up to challenge Switzerland. In the closing sprint Denmark, from the bac of the field, gave it their all and overtook Greece, Switzerland and South Africa to challenge the United States. The US won on the final stroke.

Results:  USA, DEN, GRE, SUI, RSA, MEX

Re-watch the race here!