Waseda Keio Universities Regatta, Tokyo 2019
Waseda Keio Universities Regatta, Tokyo 2019

The Regatta took place on the Sumida River, in the heart of Tokyo and the question was, would Waseda accomplish the three-peat winning streak, or would Keio defeat their long-term rival for the first time in three years.

The race of 3,750m started next to Hamacho-Park and headed upstream. This is where Waseda’s eight took a good lead of one boat length before the first bend at Ryogoku Bridge. Keio caught the crab in the rough waters during the first quarter of the race.  Half way down the distance, Keio came back strong using a great rhythm. Both crews then rowed head-to-head until the end.

Again it was a win to Waseda, but their margin was small. They defeated Keio by just a canvas as more than 30,000 spectators watched.

Takuya Fujii, the captain of Waseda comments; “It was a tough race, the winner could have been Keio.  I think we managed to row better during the rough condition area.”

Yuta Arai, the captain of Keio comments; “It’s difficult to find the reason why we lost.”

The two rowing clubs are some of the oldest clubs in Japan. They regularly have rowers that make the national crew and become Olympians.  After competing on the Sumida River at The Regatta, both teams will start their preparation for the Japanese National Championships as well as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Copy thanks to Daisuke Yasui