Logo launch for 2021 World Rowing Championships, Shanghai
Logo launch for 2021 World Rowing Championships, Shanghai

On 24 March 2019 the official logo of the 2021 World Rowing Championships was unveiled in a colourful fanfare to the City of Shanghai.

The Shanghai Water Sports Centre will be the venue for the championships and although it is their first time hosting a World Rowing event, the centre has already been the home of numerous international events.

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The centre is located 50km from the centre of Shanghai and is a man-made course situated on the upper reaches of the Huangpu River. This river is one of the most important drinking water sources for Shanghai, a city of 26.3 million people.

The launch was attended by World Rowing Federation, FISA, members; Technical Director, Svetla Otzetova, Senior Events Manager, Nathalie Phillips and Marketing Director Andrew Couper.

“FISA realises the huge potential for rowing in China and these championships is just one stage in this process,” says FISA Executive Director Matt Smith. “Already we have the 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships coming to Hong Kong and the 2019 World Rowing Beach Sprint Finals in Shenzhen. We also know that indoor rowing is growing in the country.”

The 2021 World Rowing Championships in Shanghai will take place in August 2021.