FISA fully supports the IOC proposal for a four party working group review process, which was agreed between Governor Koike and IOC President Bach, with a key focus on finding additional efficiencies while keeping a focus on sport, athletes and maximized benefits for the people of Tokyo.

FISA understands that, at a later stage, specific venues savings will be looked at with the International Sports Federations involved in the process. FISA will provide its full support and experience to this review process.

FISA remains of the view that the Sea Forest Water Sports Centre is the only venue in Japan which can meet the requirements for an Olympic Games regatta. FISA understands that the Sea Forest Water Sports Centre is being designed to serve as a water sports training and recreation area, which will increase the connection of the citizens of Tokyo with the bay.

FISA has not been involved in any discussions that might consider other venues outside of Japan.

FISA therefore looks forward to continuing to find financial savings and operational efficiencies for Sea Forest while ensuring a world class field of play for Tokyo 2020. It equally looks forward to helping to provide a sustainable and significant legacy for the people of Tokyo from this venue.