By raising awareness about the many issues relating to Clean Water, we and all rowers should be seen as “Ambassadors” for a cause that affects every human being on our planet. And with a Call for Action for all rowers to do something about improving the health and / or management of water bodies, we will demonstrate that we stand by this belief:

  • We will communicate Clean Water messages in conjunction with all coverage of our World Rowing regattas. This will include televised banner signage and references to its significance in interviews, articles and publications.
  • We will continue to improve rowing’s sustainable event management practices. In fact, with input from WWF’s experts, FISA’s Environment Working Group has already updated and re-published our Environmental Sustainability Policy & Guidelines and it is our joint objective to further improve them to the extent that they become “Best in Class” for venue development and event organisation.
  • We will engage our many different rowing communities and our privileged relationship with so many schools and universities, to help educate and convince others about the importance of sustainably managing our water resources.
  • We shall encourage all our national federations their clubs and all their individual members to engage in joint implementation of local initiatives relating to water – and, we want to know about them, build a data base of good ideas and make this available to the rowing world.