We, World Rowing, would first like to apologise for the issues that have been occurring on our website over the past two days. Below is an extract from a message we have received from the CEO of Delta Tre, our website provider, in which he explains why we have suffered these outrages:

I would like to apologise for the outages suffered on worldrowing.com due to the hosting maintenance performed during the evening of 26th August. Whilst the maintenance performed was successful and the site was operational throughout, we clearly suffered several issues with the functionality to upload content and provide the live data. I am fully aware of the significance of this to you and your fans, during your premier event of the year, as the day’s rowing could not be covered in the usual way on the website. The project team will of course provide a full debrief of the issues and root cause once all of the information is available. Once again, please accept my apologies for the issues caused.”
Giampiero Rinaudo | CEO | Delta Tre