World Rowing Sustainability Award

The winner of the 2019 World Rowing Sustainability Award is the Spring Creek Regeneration Project in Australia. It is a regeneration project at the Kinross Wolaroi School in New South Wales is enhancing the ecosystem around the reservoir where the rowers train. Spearheaded by head rowing coach, Tobias Wehr-Candler, the ongoing project is removing invasive plant species and replanting with Australian natives.


What is the World Rowing Sustainability Award?

The World Rowing Sustainability Award is awarded annually to a national federation, club, event organising committee or other rowing organisation that has implemented an innovative project or initiative delivering a clear and positive sustainability impact, or that is demonstrating sound sustainability practices on an ongoing basis.  The project should have been implemented within the past 12 months and should have already demonstrated meaningful impact.


How do you make a nomination?

The organisation can be nominated by its own members or another individual or organisation. The nomination will be made through an online form on the World Rowing website and will include a description of the project and its outcomes, including supporting evidence of those outcomes.    


Who will judge the nominations?

​The first stage is a public nomination, which the Sustainability Award Panel will select the finalists and recommend a winner, where thereafter the Executive Committee will make the final decision.

The Sustainability panel is made up of representatives of the IOC Sustainability Department, WWF International (FISA’s Environmental Partner), FISA President Jean-Christophe Rolland and Olympic champion and FISA Kafue River and Rowing Centre Ambassador, Kim Brennan.


When will the award be presented?

The award will be presented at the annual World Rowing Awards function.

Environmental sustainability in rowing includes social, cultural, economic and ecological responsibility, fulfilling present and future needs.