Weibo has over 340 million active users and operates in a similar way to Twitter. As Facebook is not allowed in China, Weibo is the local social media platform of choice.

Being on this platform will enable World Rowing to communicate more effectively and directly with our many Chinese rowers and fans - not just in China but around the world, and in their own language. 

The content that you can find on the World Rowing Weibo platform will cover all aspects of rowing including World Rowing’s international regattas, but with a particular focus on Chinese rowers and their accomplishments and stories.

Weibo will become of particular importance as in 2019 Hong Kong China will host the World Rowing Coastal Championships and in 2021 Shanghai, China will stage our biggest event, the World Rowing Championships.
 An announcement about the soon-to-be-launched WeChat platform, will follow shortly. WeChat is China’s biggest social media platform.

If you’d like to visit the page, please click here and you’ll be directed to the World Rowing Weibo page.