World Rowing Men's Crew of the Year

The winner of the 2018 World Rowing Men's Crew of the Year Award was the Australian Men's Four. The crew members are Joshua Hicks, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargreaves, Alexander Hill.

What is the World Rowing Men's Crew of the Year Award?

The World Rowing Men's Crew of the Year Award is awarded annually to a male rower or a men's crew for their outstanding rowing achievement. The winner(s) have to be a male rower or men's crew that has won a World Champion title in the current year but hasn’t won this award in previous years.


How do you make a nomination and who will judge the nominations?

The first stage is a public nomination, which will then be revised by the Athlete & Coach Awards Panel whom will determine a short list of nominees and recommend a winner, where thereafter the Executive Committee will make the final decision.

​Nominations for the 2019 Awards open on 2 September 2019.


When will the award be presented?

The award will be presented at the annual World Rowing Awards function.


Previous Winners

2018 Jashua Hicks, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargreaves and Alexander Hill  AUS M4-
2017  Johannes Weissenfeld, Felix Wimberger, Maximilian Planer, Torben Johannesen, Jakob Schneider, Malte Jakschik, Richard Schmidt, Hannes Ocik and Martin Sauer (coxswain)  GER  M8+
2016 Martin and Valent Sinkovic CRO M2x
2015 Jeremie Azou and Stany Delayre FRA LM2x
2014 Hamish Bond and Eric Murray
2013 Hamish Bond and Eric Murray
2012 James Thompson, Matthew Brittain, John Smith and Sizwe Lawrence Ndlovu
2011 Hamish Bond and Eric Murray
2010 Ondrej Synek CZE M1x
2009 Mahe Drysdale
2008 Olaf Tufte
2007 Drew Ginn and Duncan Free
2006 Konrad Wasielewski, Marek Kolbowicz, Michal Jelinski and Adam Korol
2005 Luka Spik and Iztok Cop SLO M2x
2004 Matthew Pinsent, Ed Coode, James Cracknell and Steve Williams GBR M4-
2003 James Tomkins and Drew Ginn AUS M2-
2002 James Cracknell and Matthew Pinsent GBR M2-