Here is Week Two’s workout designed by Cameron Nichol, a medical doctor, two-time world silver medallist in rowing for Great Britain and founder of RowingWOD, a company dedicated to indoor rowing.

Week Two
3 rounds:
1000m on
1200m off*
*very light rowing in between

Three opportunities to visualise a race plan for your 1k time trial.

Have a think how you want to execute your 1000m time trial and create a suitable race plan. As you row through these sessions, visualize that plan and mentally put yourself in the race.

The first two pieces should be done at 26 strokes per minute (spm) or less.

The final piece should be between 26-32spm.

For each 1k, practice going out of the blocks strong and having a slightly faster second half than the first. Needless to say each 1000m piece should be faster than the previous.

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