Launched in 2016, LiveRowing is an indoor rowing mobile app that provides users with a way to track, compete, plan and programme their indoor rowing workouts on Concept2 rowing machines. LiveRowing has added to their app by offering a World Rowing Athlete of the Month workout. The workout will be supplied by the current World Rowing Athlete of the Month and New Zealand’s Robbie Mason is getting the ball rolling as September’s Athlete of the Month.

Users of the LiveRowing app can find the workout on the dashboard of the app. When connected to the Concept2 monitor, the workout will be automatically programmed on the machine. Upon completion, the user is able to compare their score with friends, family and other rowers around the world.

This give the opportunity for indoor rowing enthusiasts to try a workout directly from the very best on-water elite rowers in the world, thereby bringing the on-water community and the indoor rowing community closer together.

Indoor rowing is one of the eight World Rowing communities and with the help of many exercise programmes and groups, use of the indoor rowing machine has grown significantly over the last ten years. The indoor rowing machine provides easy access to the rowing motion, even in situations when on-water rowing is not possible.

The LiveRowing app helps the end user to track their progress, find new workout ideas, share workouts with training friends and to stay motivated. Users can build custom workouts, join challenges, compete against friends and themselves and follow training programmes.

World Rowing is involved in a number of indoor rowing initiatives and in 2016, along with Concept2, launched the World Rowing Indoor Sprints to give athletes around the world a chance to compare their 1000m sprint time with others around the world through a virtual competition. The World Rowing Indoor Sprints workout will also be featured on LiveRowing.

LiveRowing is the provider of a free to download application software that is tailored for rowing machine athletes to enable them to connect, analyse and compete while on the Concept2 Indoor Rower. LiveRowing aims to create a global community of athletes.

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