Looking to take the early lead was Magdalena Lobnig of Austria. She had a very fast race at the start of her semifinal yesterday and she was now tussling with Victoria Thornley of Great Britain. Thornley was second at last year’s World Rowing Championships and then fifth at the World Rowing Cup earlier this month. Now Germany’s Olympic Champion from the quad, Annekatrin Thiele of Germany pushed into second. Thiele was fourth at World Rowing Cup I and she was now just ahead of Australia’s Madeleine Edmunds.

Now the World Champion Jeannine Gmelin of Switzerland began to charge and she moved up into second and was about challenge Lobnig. Gmelin was rating 36 and gaining with every stroke. With just 500m left to rowing Gmelin had not only found the lead, but created a gap between her and Lobnig as Fie Udby Erichsen of Denmark was picking up the pace. Behind Gmelin the field was tight and the order kept changing. Lobnig listened to the crowd and went to 36 then 37. Lobnig was holding on. Lobnig had won the silver by 0.15 of a second over Erichsen.

Results: SUI, AUT1, DEN, GBR1, AUS, GER

Jeannine Gmelin, Switzerland, gold
“I knew the home favourite, Magdalena, would go hard but I just focused on my race, which worked well for me. I’m looking forward to Lucerne as it’ll be nice to have a home crowd but in the end it’s just another race.”

Magdalena Lobnig, Austria, silver
“It’s weird to race at home as we only really get to race national events at smaller regattas here so it’s cool to have the best in the world here. I just stayed focused on the race and I did my best.”

Fie Udby Erichsen, Denmark, bronze
“I’m really pleased with the race today. I wasn’t actually sure with what position I got at the end when I looked across. I’ve been trying to work on having a good feel off the water and felt I achieved this today so I’m really pleased."

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Last year Hannah Osborne of New Zealand became the World Champion at the under-23 level and she battled with Diana Dymchenko of Ukraine. These two boats moved away from the rest of the field with Italy slotting into third. Osborne went to 42 to try and beat Dymchenko. There was only 0.38 of a second in it at the end. Dymchenko had held off Osborne.

Results: UKR, NZL, ITA, SWE, GBR2, BRA