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Starting the day of finals racing, the women’s pair had been narrowed down to these six finalists. Coming through this regatta Canada had been the stand-out crew. Caileigh Filmer and Hillary Janssens of Canada set the fastest time by a handy margin in yesterday’s semi-finals and they sat in the middle lane. This is their first season together with Janssens coming from last year’s silver medal eight.

Spain got away at a 45 stroke rate along with Great Britain One of Merlott Chitty and Girling. The British duo had a very slight early lead. But it was Filmer and Janssens who kept their rating higher for longer and squeezed through to the front. Canada then managed to work to a margin with Great Britain One following in second and the Netherlands (Beeres and Youssifou) sitting in third. The Canadians have New Zealanders Dave Thompson and Dick Tonks as coaches and they could well be having an influence. The Canadians then completely broke away with Spain, the Netherlands and Great Britain One neck-and-neck. Fimer and Janssens stayed at 36 and still held the lead with Spain at 41 strokes per minute. Anna Boada Peiro and Aina Cid of Spain had taken silver with Merlott Chitty and Girling in third.

Results: CAN, ESP, NED, GBR1, DEN, GBR2

Hillary Janssens (s), Women's Pair, Canada, Gold
“We had a good start, we decided to just not hold back for the 1k and get ahead of the other boats. We’ve had a good training group that is at this regatta and everyone is doing well. For the rest of the season, we’ll be in whichever boat, eights maybe, whatever our coach decides.”

 Aina Cid  (s), Women's Pair, Spain, Silver
“The race went well, the first 1000 wasn’t our best but we had a strong second 1000. We are very happy with the result. We rode this boat last year at world’s but this is the first whole season we spent together.”

Laila Youssifou (s), Women's Pair, Netherlands, Bronze
“Really enjoyed that race, this is our first world cup so we had no expectations but we race better and better throughout the tournament. Today we wanted a fast start and stick to the others and then try and get a podium."


From yesterday’s semifinal China Three had the fastest time. But it was Poland that came out in the lead at the start with Serbia in second. Poland’s Anna and Maria Wierzbowska remained in the lead through the middle of the race. Then China Three of Yingying Li and Xinyu Lin pushed into second as the rain began to fall. This was the last race of the day as everyone got called off the water as thunder was predicted.

Results: POL, CHN3, IRL, CHN1, SRB, CHN2