A late withdraw by the World and Olympic Champions, Great Britain opened this field up to a new winner. Heather Stanning of Great Britain withdrew due to illness. This left United States One to grab the opportunity and take off in the lead. Felice Mueller and Grace Luczak had to prove that they were better than USA2 in this race if they wanted to be the Olympic boat for their country. Denmark followed in second. Then from the back of the field, New Zealand's Genevieve Behrent and Rebecca Scown did a huge piece just before the 1000m mark and overtook South Africa and USA2 to get into second.

The Kiwis charged again and overtook Denmark to get into second. Mueller and Luczak kept the pace on trying to hold off Scown and Behrent. Mueller and Luczak had done it. Rating 39 they crossed the line first. Scown and Behrent, rating 43, got second. Meghan Musnicki and Eleanor Logan of USA2 took third.

Results: USA1, NZL1, USA2, RSA, DEN


The lead changed several times through the race with France grabbing it at the start before Canada took over, then Germany's Kerstin Hartmann and Kathrin Marchand showed they knew best how to pace themselves and they got to the finish line first.

Results: GER, FRA, GBR, CAN1, CHN, CAN2

Grace Luczak (s), United States of America, gold
“We did a good job in building up over the regatta. I looked at the split during the race. Like on the erg, I was motivated to not let it go up.”

Rebecca Scown (s), New Zealand, silver
“This is the first world cup to see wehre we are at. We are very happy with our result. We will stay here in Switzerland close to Lucerne for training and to prepare for the Olympic Games.”

Meghan Musnicki (b), United States of America, bronze
“The conditions out there are really great, beautiful water as usual here on the Rotsee. We stayed focused on our row, it was a good race.”