Glover and Stanning not only led from start to finish, but completely dominated the rest of the field that was made up of four United States crews plus China. By the middle of the race Glover and Stanning had left their competition behind completely and looked comfortable at a 36 stroke rate pace. Meanwhile, behind them it looked like a United States team test with their top three crews neck and neck.

At the line the finishing time for the British was the fastest of the day in terms of the World Best Time. Megan Kalmoe and Kerry Simmonds of United States One had squeezed into second and Grace Luczak and Caroline Lind of United States Two were in third. The US will now join together to race in the women's eight.

Results: GBR1, USA1, USA2, USA3, CHN1, USA4

Gold - Heather Stanning (GBR)

There’s a new air of confidence, we felt like a new pair.

Silver - Megan Kalmoe (USA)

We feel great. We just did what we always do – get out on the course and get a little bit better each time. It was fun to race with so many other US boats, I think we built off each other’s energy.

Bronze - Caroline Lind (USA)

It felt amazing. It’s great to see so much red, white and blue out there. We were down for a lot of it, but we knew that if we stuck to our plan we would have a shot at medalling and we did.


Winner's of the World Rowing Cup in Sydney in March, New Zealand's Louise Trappitt and Rebecca Scown were very unlucky to make the A-final. Trappitt and Scown raced in the fastest semifinal yesterday and recorded a time that would have had them winning the other semifinal. They made the best of this race by getting off the a fast start and easily holding off Canada and Ireland through the body of the race. Using a 37 stroke rate sprint at the finish, Trappitt and Scown showed form that would have served them well in the A-final. Watch out for them at the final World Cup of the season in Lucerne.

Results: NZL, CAN, IRL, GER1, GBR2, FRA