New Zealand and Great Britain One took the early lead. Both boats took off at 45 and settled into a 37 pace with New Zealand’s Prendergast and Kerri Gowler the reigning World Champions. Oh no a disaster in the Great Britain One boat. A bad stroke stopped the boat at about 750m. Could Girling and Merlott Chitty come back from that? Prendergast and Gowler now took off at the head of the field with Great Britain Two and Italy One fighting it out for second. Italy’s Alessandra Pattelli and Sara Bertolasi had taken 2017 off from competing and they were truly back with Great Britain Two of McKeller and Taylor looking a bit tired.

Rating 36 New Zealand looked great at the head of the field as Merlott Chitty and Girling tried to work their way back.

Results: NZL, ITA1, GBR2, GBR1, ITA2, UKR

Kerri Gowler (s), New Zealand, gold
“Race was good considering this was our first one in Europe this year. We hope to see more of this and potentially step it up with our training camps on the way to the World Rowing Championships.”

Sara Bertolasi (s), Italy, silver
“It was a really good race for us, personally after Rio2016 I stopped my rowing career. Five months ago I started training again so to medal at my first international race back is incredible.”

Rowan Mckellar (b), Great Britain, bronze
“We had an ok start, I think it was better yesterday but we got into a good rhythm. We had good competition and it’s cool to race the best in the world and come away with a medal.” 

Re-watch the race live here


The two Chinese boats rated in the high 40s at the start, higher than the other crews. But it was Romania Two that got an early lead in a field that was tightly packed. Lin and Li of China One then got to the lead at the half way point with Romania and Serbia following. Romania then went to 39, China Two went to 42 in the final sprint with Romania doing the better sprint.

Results: ROU2, CHN1, CHN2, SRB, GER1, GER2