The United States have doubled up with the women’s pair so many of these athletes raced earlier today. How would this impact on their race in the Women's Four? The Netherlands were the first to show. The Dutch had the fastest time during the heats on Friday and they led over China 1 into the first 500m mark. The leading three boats were very close with United States 1 within striking distance of the Dutch. Then USA 2 did a move and got up with USA 1. But the Dutch were making the best job going through the middle of the race. Hogerwerf, Florijn, Clevering and Meester of the Netherlands went into the final sprint in the lead.

United States 2 had now established themselves ahead of China 1 and in the silver medal spot. The Dutch went up to 40 in the final sprint to secure gold as the US and China sprinted to earn the silver. United States 2 got there first.

Results: NED1, USA2, CHN1, USA1, USA3, CHN2

Ellen Hogerwerf (b), Netherlands, Gold
“We had a fast time in the first heats so we were expecting a good result but we are really happy to take home gold. It was great to have the pair winning before, so it’s great for the whole Dutch team. We have a training camp coming up next week and then we’ll head to the Europeans. We have a fixed crew until the Europeans and then after that we will have to see.

Felice Mueller (s), Women's Four, United States of America, Silver
“We are really proud of today’s result. You know, we always come to win, but I think we did really well today. Two of us just raced 40minutes ago in the pair, so that’s always tough. The plan now is to go back home and keep on training. We’re not sure yet what the lineups will be for World Cup II, but we know there is a group going.”

Fei Xu (b), People's Republic of China, Bronze
“We’re satisfied with the result as we were expecting to get in the top three. Our crew has only been together for 20 days so we’re looking forward to better results in the future. 

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China 3 only just missed out on making the final by less than a second and they must have had something to prove today.  The Chinese got away the quickest and led over Romania 2 through the body of the race. But then Romania really went for it in the final sprint and pipped China on the line by just 0.24 of a second.

Results: ROU2, CHN3