The boat class is on an upward trajectory as it is now an Olympic event. Competition is tough and many good boats were in the B-final. Italy started at 48 strokes per minute. Great Britain then got in front. The British and World Champions Australia One came to this final directly from Friday’s heats and so have had a day to rest. Australia’s crew of Stephan, Popa, Hawe and Goodman were in second. Popa is the only new member of this World Champ crew.

Then Australia did a push just before the half way point and there was nothing between Great Britain and Australia. Meanwhile a big battle was going on between China One and Germany. Australia then went to 38 and got into the lead and kept on going. They then went to 40 and charged for the line. Great Britain held on to second with Germany and China One were still neck-and-neck. China had done it by just half a second.

Results: AUS1, GBR, CHN1, GER, RUS, ITA

Lucy Stephan (b), Australia, gold
“Our race was alright but it wasn’t the best. We always say we want our worst to be better than everyone’s best so we managed to do that today. Next we will be taking an eight to Henley and then heading off to Lucerne.”

Holly Norton, Great Britain, silver
“We’ve been working on our start since Belgrade, so today we had a good position from the start. I tried to race harder from the 1000 meters. It would have been nice to have come first but Australia have been in that line-up for a while and they are a class crew.”

​Re-watch the live race here


This race was incredibly tight with barely a canvas separating the crews. China Two was lagging at the start, but then they pulled themselves up into the bunch. At the front only just was Netherlands One. It was still very, very tight and would come down to the final sprint. Romania went to 41, then 43 and they won this B-final. Netherlands Two just took second.

Results: ROU, NED2, CHN, NED1, NZL, POL