France One looked good in yesterday's race for lanes and they proved that it wasn't a one-off by leading today. The main competition for France One came from their number two crew who got out to a faster start, but proved not to have the same push through the second half of the race. Bugnard, Lefebvre, Mayne and Le Nepvou of France stood on the medals podium to accept the first medal of this regatta.

Results: FRA1, FRA2, GER1, GER2

Gold – LEFEBRE, Hélène (FRA)

This is our level of competition.  We think we did a good job. We were happy to come out ahead. It was a good battle on the way down.

Silver - DUBOIS, Eléonor/CORNILLE, Mélanie (FRA)

It is strange rowing against each other while we are also in the eight together for the championships. The four of us are making up the U23 boat for Varese. This race was a good test of our skills and we know we can still improve a lot. The W4- isn’t an Olympic class, so there isn’t the highest level of competition.

Bronze - SIERING, Constanze (GER1)

This race showed that we can row together. We haven’t been rowing together for a long time, its only our second race together. It went a lot better than the first one.