Russia recorded a very fast time in the heats making them the favourites among these crews. The Russian boat of Plaksina, Aksenova, Kornienko and Yuvchenko all raced to bronze in their country’s eight last year. The crew must have been feeling confident as they took off recording the fastest pace. Romania, the winner of the other heat three days ago, kept their stroke rate at 40 through the first 500. But Russia, at a 38 stroke rate, remained in front. Belarus was a bit back in third.

Russia kept first coming into the 1000m mark, but their lead was small and Romania was sticking with them still rating 40 but not managing to get any closer. China then did a push. The Chinese crew has only one member that has raced internationally before, Dongfang Zhao raced at the junior championships in 2014. Russia continued to look great coming into the final sprint and at a 39 stroke rate they crossed the line in first. Romania, in second, got to 42 and held silver with a very tight finish between China and Belarus. China had earned the medal.


Elizaveta Kornienko, Russia, gold
“We were expecting a fight out there today and we were ready to go, full of adrenaline at the start. We’re very happy with the result. We’ve been rowing together all year and we’ve been training for this all year. 

Amalia Beres, Romania, silver
“That was exhausting but I really enjoyed it. To be honest, the plan was to win but I’m still happy with my position.”

Dongfang Zhao (s), People's Republic of China, bronze
“Before we launched, Steve told us what he wanted us to focus on so even when we were behind at the start, we focused on what he had said. Even when we were physically tired, we focused on keeping our minds clear and staying with the race.”


Denmark moved the quickest through the first half of the race with Italy in hot pursuit. But the Danes made the best of it and held off a final challenge from Greece to finish first and seventh overall at this regatta.

Results: DEN, GRE, ITA, USA, GER