The US then didn't just get the advantage, they pulled clear away from the field. Behind them Russia found themselves going head-to-head with Canada. Russia then found it wasn't Canada that they had to worry about but a flying New Zealand boat. The New Zealanders had to get to this final through the repechage and they were having the race of their lives.

Racing  in front of the grandstands the United States held a 37 stroke rate, New Zealand was on 38 and Canada held on to 37. The medals had been decided. The United States, after finishing eighth a year ago, had become the under-23 World Champions.


Gold- BOXBERGER, Erin (2 seat) (USA)

There were a lot of delays at the start but nothing was going to stop us. It was freaking awesome and I am so proud to be an American right now. We are doubling up with the eight tomorrow and we have done so much to prepare, we knew we had put the time in, so we didn’t really think about it.

Silver-LOE, Olivia (2 seat) (NZL)

We wanted to find our own rhythm, to be reserved and clinical in our approach. We worked the first 500 and then were just steady through the race.

Bronze-HARE, Nicole (stroke seat) (CAN)

We had a very good start but Russia was behind us the whole time. Our last 500m was very fast. It was very painful but exciting.


Germany was out in front for the entire race. This was despite Germany being beaten by Romania in the repechage earlier this week. But Germany attacked this race with a winning attitude. Into the final sprint the Germans kept the pace on and outrated Romania by a 38 stroke rate to the Romanian's 31.

Results: GER, ROU, ITA