Australia won gold at last month’s World Rowing Cup II and they came directly to the final from Friday’s time trial. But one lane over, in the favoured lane was New Zealand who also came directly from the time trials to the final. New Zealand finished fourth at World Rowing Cup II. Russia made the best of the start with all boats taking off cleanly. Russia had an early lead. At the 500m mark New Zealand had moved just a fraction ahead of Russia, just 0.02 of a second, with Australia also right there.

New Zealand now started to find their pace and coxed by Caleb Shepherd who used to cox the men’s eight. Australia moved into second with the rest of the field trying to play catch up over these two leading boats. This left a wide open battle for bronze between Canada and Russia. Canada had the edge going through the third 500. New Zealand was now romping away from the rest of the field with Australia doing their best to hold on. It was now a procession with New Zealand dominating at 39 strokes per minute at the end. Australia took an easy silver and Canada was way back in bronze.

Results: NZL, AUS, CAN, RUS, GBR1, ROU

Jackie Gowler (s), New Zealand, Gold
“We had a good time-trial so we knew we would have a good rhythm for today and so I’m really happy! We’re a tight crew and this brings a lot of trust with us and now we will continue to stick to the basics and keep working.”

James Rook (c), Australia, Silver
“It was a bit windy today but we had a decent race. There are lots to improve on so we’ll keep getting better towards the World Rowing Championships.”

Kristen Kit (c), Canada, Bronze

“It was tough out there with the wind but we committed from our start. I am really proud of these women! They stuck with it and in the 2nd and 3rd 500 meters. They trusted in the process and they trusted in each other!”

Re-watch the race here!


Yesterday’s repechage was incredibly tight between China and Great Britain 2 and they raced each other again today. Great Britain 2 had the advantage at the start with China at the back of the field. The British still had the lead through the middle of the race with the Netherlands right on their coat tails in second. The Dutch then did a big push and moved into second The British pushed back and got to the line first.

Results: GBR2, NED, CHN, GER