The Netherlands had the edge in the test race two days ago and they had the fastest pace coming out of the blocks. Romania 2 was boating a young crew while there was a lot more experience in the Dutch boat. With just 500m rowed the Dutch already had an incredible lead. This is unusual to see so early on in a race and the question was could the Dutch continue to hold this pace? Romania 2, meanwhile, was staying ahead of China.

The Dutch completely dominated through the second half of the race, rating a comfortable-looking 34. The Netherlands had won the gold with China pushing past Romania to take silver.

Results: NED, CHN, ROU2

Ae-Ri Noort (c), Netherlands, Gold
“We’re a new crew for this event but we had a really good race, especially the start. We made sure we had a solid first 500 meters. We’ll now be heading to Italy for a training camp, it’s basically our second home. We’ve got a really strong group of women that we’ll be taking to the European Rowing Championships.”

Tian Miao (s), People's Republic of China, Silver
“We are very happy about the result as we have only been together for 2-3 weeks before coming to Plovdiv. The current positions were decided only four or five days ago.”

Andreea Popa, Romania, Bronze
“This race was a big step for us. It’s our first race together, and at the senior level. It was very difficult but we are happy. Our next race is the U23 championships in Sarasota”