The United States had a crew full of athletes that already raced today in the women's pair. Had they overextended themselves? Coming into the final 500m of the race Canada remained in front with the United States now ahead of Great Britain and closing on the Canadians. Rating 37 the United States dented Canada's lead with every stroke. Canada, at 38, were just not as powerful. The United States retained their incredible dominance of this event.

Results: USA, CAN, GBR, CHN, GER

Gold – Kerry Simmonds (USA)

It took all nine of us. We were in it together, all rowing on a fairly emotional level. Katelin [cox] called it just right.

Silver - Natalie Mastracci (CAN)

We went out there today knowing that we had our work cut out. We had our best race possible and we’re really proud of that.

Bronze – Katie Greves (GBR)

We went out hard and had a good start, but we lacked the rhythm from Belgrade. It was frustrating, we know we can row a lot better than that.