The United States with Agatha Nowinski in stroke seat then completely powered away from the field leaving a huge three second gap to Great Britain who was now in second by the middle of the race. The Americans have also been racing in the four and pair with their eights members so this has been a big racing week for this crew.

Coming into the last 500m the United States still had a big lead with Great Britain in second and Germany, at a 43 stroke rate, was challenging Australia. The Germans were bronze medallists in 2013 and they wanted another medal. At the line the US had the gold, Great Britain had silver and Germany had outsprinted Australia to the bronze. These top four spots mirrored last year.


Gold - ROACH, Kathrin (3 seat) (USA)

Here the American eight split up in a four and a pair and in their races they both killed it. Elisabeth and I did not double up, so were the cheer squad and kind of the secret weapons in the eight.

Silver - BAYNHAM-WILLIAMS, Morgan (cox) (GBR)

Very fast, very intense, but worth it.

Bronze HACKER, Frauke (6 seat) (GER)

First thing that came to mind was: Did we make it?  Every year there are peaks and throughs and my peak is about to come.