Oh wow, a couple of bad strokes from Germany stopped their boat. The Germans are the European Champions and they would have to do a lot to catch up. The Czech Republic crew of Lenka Antosova and Kristyna Fleissenerova got away cleanly. But it was Canada’s Gabrielle Smith and Andrea Proske who were in the lead. Smith and Proske finished sixth at last year’s World Championships and they come to this final via Saturday’s repechage. The Czech Republic slotted into second and kept pace with Canada. Meanwhile Germany’s Leonie Menzel and Carlotta Nwajide were moving up and had overtaken the United States.

Australia’s Amanda Bateman and Genevieve Horton then did a big third 500m push and got into the lead. Romania went after them. Canada was there too. It was neck-and-neck with Romania at 40 and Australia at 39. Romania’s Nicoleta-Ancuta Bodnar and Simona Geanina Radis had won.

Results: ROU, AUS, CAN, CZE, GER1, USA

Simona Geanina Radis (s), Romania, Gold
“This race was much better than our last ones. We’ve been getting stronger and stronger throughout the regatta so we are very happy with our result.

Genevieve Horton (s), Australia, Silver
“That was an insane race! We’ve prepared well for these types of conditions so we just had to stay composed and trust ourselves. We’re really happy with the result. 

Andrea Proske (s), Canada, Bronze
“It definitely bumpy out there! We train on some pretty wavy water in Canada so this isn’t so strange here. I think the change in weather conditions are part of why I love the sport so much, because it can be anyone’s game, it’s not only mental out there but also very technical.”

Re-watch the race here!


Poland had a blistering start but it was very close with Norway and Great Britain 1 through the first 500m. Then Poland’s Martyna Radosz and Krystyna Lemanczyk-Dobrzelak got away from the pack and they remained in the lead through to the finish despite a fast finish by Great Britain 1. In yesterday’s repechage Poland was the first boat not to make it to the A-final so they must have been the favourites coming into this B-final.

Results: POL, GBR1, NOR, DEN