Last year at the World Rowing Championships Lithuania finished fourth and at this regatta they recorded the fastest time two days ago in the heats. The crew of Milda Valciukaite and Ieva Adomaviciute of Lithuania sat in the centre of the course. At the start the reigning European Champions, Kristyna Fleissnerova and Lenka Antosova of the Czech Republic had early speed. All crews settled at a 36 stroke rate pace with Lithuania getting to the first 500m marker in the lead. But there was nothing in it with less than two seconds separating the entire field.

Coming into the middle of the race Valciukaite and Adomaviciute had a slight edge over Lisa Scheenaard and Roos de Jong of the Netherlands with these two boats able to break away a little from the rest of the field. This left a huge battle for bronze going on. Crews moved in to the all-important third 500 and Scheenaard and de Jong had moved into the lead with Italy now really pushing the pace. Four boats charged for three medal spots. Italy was there at 40, the Dutch at 37, Lithuania at 40 and France at 39. It was going to come down to the final stroke. From first to fourth only 0.61 of a second separated the boats. France’s Helene Lefebvre and Elodie Ravera-Scaramozzino had won. Italy only just missed out on a medal.


Elodie Ravera-Scaramozzino (s), France, gold
“We didn’t know when we crossed the line if we were on the podium or not, because we stayed so focused in on our boat. So after we crossed the line, to look up and see our name on the top of the screen – amazing.

Lisa Scheenaard (s), Netherlands, silver
“We’re a little annoyed, we wanted to be on top today but it’s still good to be on the podium at the European Championships. Today it was there small things that made the big differences and we had a couple bad strokes during the race.”

Milda Valciukaite (b), Lithuania, bronze
“In the tail-wind I expected the race to be close, but not so close that it would be a photo finish. After the line we weren’t sure where we finished. We’re really happy to have come third considering we could’ve come fourth and off the podium.”

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Switzerland and Greece came into this b-final with the Swiss being the faster crew from yesterday’s repechage. The two crews matched each other through the first half of the race. Sofia Asoumanaki sat in stroke of the Greek boat as an a-finallist from the Rio Olympics. Greece then dropped their rating by one pip and used more power and it had the desired effect as they gained a small edge. Then the Swiss came back and took their boat to the line in first.

Results: SUI, GRE

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