Only the Netherlands and Italy got to go directly to this final. They had the day off yesterday while all other boats went through a repechage. Despite this Germany set the pace at the start and moved into the lead with Poland chasing hard. Poland is the Olympic Champions in this boat class, but they have a new line up for 2017. The Czech Republic followed in third. Italy, who had the fastest qualifying time from the heats, was yet to show. Through the middle of the race Germany’s Carlotta Nwajide and Julia Leiding remained in first but they looked to be slowing down and the Czech Republic closed on the leading crew and in the third 500 Kristyna Fleissnerova and Lenka Antosova of the Czech Republic had the lead. The crowd was loving this race. Would it be the first gold medal for the Czech Republic in front of this home crowd.

The Netherlands had now pushed into second from the back of the field and they were the crew that had a chance of catching Fleissnerova and Antosova. The crowd was boosting the Czech crew on. Gold for the Czech Republic, silver for the Dutch and Italy had earned bronze.


Lenka Antosova (s), Czech Republic, gold
“Very, very happy to win particularly here. Thanks to the home crowd, they are amazing. I love them.”

Marloes Oldenburg (s), Netherlands, silver
“It was a tough race, especially the first 250m for us. And then we had a good rhythm throughout the race. We are happy with a silver medal but we wished for the gold.”

Kiri Tontodonati (b),  Italy, bronze
“It was very exciting for us because it is the first time we are competing at the senior level. Being in the final was already the best thing we could expect. But we got a medal so that is great. As usual we tried to attack in the middle of the race, but it was particularly difficult with the side wind.” 


Fastest at the start was Ukraine with Great Britain’s new double of Georgia Francis and Emily Carmichael then not only managing to take the lead, but as soon as they were there the duo pushed clean away from the rest of the field. Russia put in a big effort to try and catch the British, but Francis and Carmichael had enough of a lead that Russia could not catch them.

Results: GBR, RUS, FRA, UKR