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The fastest time coming through from yesterday’s semifinals was Germany’s Franziska Kampmann and Carlotta Nwajide and they made the best start with a 40 stroke rate pace. Coming through the first 500m marker Kampmann, 20, and Nwajide, 22, still had the lead. The Netherlands followed closely with Lithuania, who were fourth in 2017, in third.  The Netherlands then did a big push and with 600m left to row Roos de Jong and Lisa Scheenaard of the Netherlands took the lead.

The Dutch speed remained and they seemed to be widening the gap as they moved towards the finish line. De Jong and Scheenaard were at 36 with Germany also at 36 as Lithuania’s Milda Valciukaite and Ieva Adomaviciute went to 37 and then 38 putting Germany’s silver medal under threat. The Germans held them off.

Results: NED, GER, LTU, CHN1, BLR1, BLR2

Lisa Scheenaard (s), Women's Double Sculls, Netherlands, gold
“Really happy, this is our first world cup win together. This is what we really wanted to happen today and we’re both really excited to see what happens next.”

Carlotta Nwajide (s), Women's Double Sculls, Germany, silver
“We both really enjoyed that race, we wanted to have a fast start and then stick with the others as much as possible. We’ve got some testing to do in between the world cups but we’re both really excited.”

Ieva Adomaviciute (s), Women's Double Sculls, Lithuania, Bronze,
“We are very happy with the race and very happy that this is our first international medal. This is a huge win and it was cool that each day had different conditions and that in each race we had to adapt to those conditions.”


Following yesterday’s semifinals the French looked to be the crew to beat in this race. Helene Lefebvre and Marie Jacquet of France got out in front at the start and by the middle of the race they had half a boat length over Switzerland in second. In the final sprint Switzerland had closed slightly on France. It was neck-and-neck to the line with Switzerland earning first at the line by just 0.09 of a second.