Raced in the heart of Vienna, Austria the regatta began in the late afternoon and ended with finals happening after dark. Through the regatta 47 boats from 44 clubs coming from nine nations experienced the feeling of rowing in the dark. Teams included the men's eight from the University of Cambridge (GBR) and other strong European teams.

Racing in the Vienna Nightrow © FISA

For light, mobile floodlights and luminous buoys were used with the boats also illuminated. Teams were encouraged to illuminate themselves. The race was 350m long and held at the Unteren Alten Dona.

The number of participants in this unique event has grown over the years and this year it reached its peak. “This regatta increases the popularity of rowing without diluting our traditional 2,000 m regatta format," said Horst Nussbaumer, president of the Austrian Rowing Federation. "The event, with its party-atmosphere, attracts an audience who have never watched a traditional rowing regatta before and they are fascinated by how attractive rowing can be."

There was also corporate rowing races, a boat full of Austrian Olympic swimmers, one of actors and one of Austrian sports journalists.

The event is organised by Vienna's rowing club, LIA and modeled off a popular ski and ski jumping night race in Austria. For 2015 the club is expecting more participants with the regatta becoming a two-day event. University of Vienna will be celebrating its 650 year anniversary and they plan to encourage the university racing.