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International Universities Rowing Regatta, Wuhan, CHN. Winners of the women's eight, Otago University, NZL By Yang Ming
The first, from 17 to 21 July, 2013, was held in Xinjin in the north-eastern province of Sichuan and the second, in China’s central province, Wuhan Hubei, from 22 to 26 July.

More than 150 athletes from 12 universities competed in this year’s event. The two stages allowed crews to face each other at least twice throughout the event. In the women’s eight, Otago University from New Zealand captured the gold in both stages.  Paris University II, France took silver on both occasions.  The bronze medal in the first stage went first to London University, Great Britain, but in stage two, the Italian crew from Pavia University took the podium in third place.

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International Universities Rowing Regatta, Wuhan, CHN. Winner of men's eight, Tsinghua University, CHN
On the men’s side Tsingua University, China took gold in the first stage. Amsterdam University, the Netherlands, who were silver medallists in the first stage, came back to beat Tsingua University for the title in the second stage, Tsingua placed second. The crew from Cambridge University captured the bronze medal in both stages.

The event was organised by the China Watersports Administration Centre and has been held in different Chinese cities since 2001.

2013 Participants:
Cambridge University, Great Britain
London University, Great Britain
Yale University, USA
Pavia University, Italy
Otago University, New Zealand
Amsterdam University, Netherlands
Paris II University, France
Copenhagen University, Denmark
Tsinghua University, China
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
Fourth Military Medical University, China

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