In the semifinals the two winners were Alexis Lopez Garcia of Mexico and Niels van Zandweghe of Belgium. It was Lopez that was first to show in this head-wind final with van Zandweghe following very closely. Then Germany’s Jonathan Rommelmann pushed up on van Zandweghe who was in turn closing on Lopez.

There was now nothing between the three leaders with Lopez having not much more than a canvas of a lead. Rating 36, Federico Gherzi of Italy tried to close on the leading bunch. But Gherzi was not having much of an impact. Then at 1250m Rommelmann did a big push. Van Zandweghe and Lopez held on. This must have been feeling like a 100m sprint but for 2000m. Van Zandweghe then got a little ahead as Lopez began to tire. With that van Zandweghe moved clean away in the final sprint with Rommelmann desperately trying to hold on. Van Zandweghe had done it. A small reward for the Belgian who had missed out on the Rio Olympics due to qualification rules.


Niels Van Zandweghe, Gold, Belgium
“I am so incredibly grateful for my coach who has been there with me every step of the way, even when he did not get payed anymore. Also I’m very thankfull for my girlfriend who always believed in my. This medal is also for Tim.”

Jonathan Rommelmann, Silver, Germany
“I wasn’t ready for the Mexican to go out as fast as he did. I had a really good middle 1000, but the Belgian had a great sprint. By the 1500 mark I felt in control of the silver and am proud to bring home silver!”

Alexis Lopez Garcia, Bronze, Mexico
“I’m very thankful for my family and their support, I thank God. I trained very hard this last year after finishing fourth in the Junior World Championships last year.”