The Sea Forest International Regatta course, which will host both rowing and sprint canoe/kayak, is in the heart of Tokyo, Japan and very near to the Olympic Village on Tokyo Bay.

Jean-Christophe Rolland, FISA President said: “We are pleased to have this venue confirmed as it will be another very picturesque venue to feature rowing near the heart of the Olympic Games. In the light of the IOC’s “Agenda 2020” initiative, we have worked very closely with the IOC and the Tokyo Organisers to find the best solution for our sport, our athletes and the Organisers’ budget. Being in the area of the iconic Tokyo Bay Bridge, this course will present our sport in a unique way, and the Sea Forest venue will provide a great legacy for Tokyo, enabling easy access for young people to experience the satisfaction of participating in a sport which is so connected to water and the environment.”

John Coates, Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games said: "The Sea Forest Waterway is a part of the long-term Sea Forest area development by the city of Tokyo. We respect the city's strong long-term investment for the legacy of the city and its citizens. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has a strong long-term legacy plan for the Sea Forest area and they are using the Games as a catalyst for that development. The extra investment for the Games will allow the site to serve as both an elite and grassroots water sports venue in the future."