There is nothing understated about Thor Nilsen. There is everything colourful about this global coach of rowing. Now there is a book describing his amazing life and influence to rowing. Written by rowing historian Christopher Dodd, Thor Nilsen, Rowing’s Global Coach walks the reader through many, many anecdotes of Nilsen, a coaching giant who changed how rowing is taught throughout the world.

“Thor taught us that coaching is all about helping athletes to reach their potential by sharing information and knowledge. For him there are no national boundaries or limits to his generosity towards motivated athletes who wat to train hard and smart,” says FISA Executive Director Matt Smith at the start of the book.

Thor Nilsen, Rowing’s Global Coach is the story of a child growing up in difficult circumstances who became an adult the hard way, without the benefit of a traditional education pathway,” says Smith. “Thor’s conviction is that understanding exercise physiology leads to understanding training programmes and produces the best ‘training effect.’”

Countless coaches and athletes have come under Nilsen’s influence on and off the water and he has personally coached eight Olympic gold medallists and more than 40 world champions.

It would be hard to find a coach that had more influence over such a large and multinational group of athletes.

Also recently released is the biography of another giant of the rowing world. Thomi Keller – A life in Sport written by David Owen. Keller was FISA President from 1958-1989 and one of the most influential people among sports leaders during his time as president.

Both books are available from the World Rowing Stands in Linz-Ottensheim at the 2019 World Rowing Championships at a special 2019 World Champs price of Euros 25 each. Also available on Amazon.

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