It began with the gold and silver medalists from the 2019 World Rowing Championships. Oliver Zeidler, in Germany, and Sverri Nielsen, in Denmark took on each other from their lockdown locations in a head to head eRace of 2000m. Using RP3 indoor rowing technology the top two men’s single scullers were able to eRace in real time. This became the first leg of the RP3 eRace Series. Zeidler finished first recording an impressive time of 6:43.78. This time is very close to what Zeidler can do on the water.

This “clash of the titans” was round one and RP3 Rowing is working on organising more virtual races in the coming period.

“It’s really a new opportunity for (top) international rowers to compete from home or from training facilities,” says Jan Lammers, CEO of RP3 Rowing. “As all rowers are connected through the internet, we can set up the race through a tablet and connect everybody in a virtual room. The athletes can be anywhere in the world and race live against each other. The other possibility is to organise eRaces within the team and have your own internal competition with all detailed data available after the race to analyse the athletes.”

The software integrates very precise data – for example the weight of the rower – to create on-water-like conditions of racing on the indoor rowing machine.

Watch the race here:

This RP3 eRace Series will be in addition to the standard racing events hosted by RP3 which gives athletes from all over the world the possibility to race against each other.

RP3 Rowing is working on a format to have national championships with eRaces between clubs. The next step is to have a Global eLeague between clubs, colleges, universities and/or individuals similar to other great initiatives like cycling and Formula 1.

“The goal is to have monthly indoor rowing races between elite rowers - men and women - from different countries in different set-ups (singles, doubles, fours, eights) and over different distances (500m sprints, 1000m or 2000m) live streamed on World Rowing social media channels,” says Lammers.

Anyone that would like to do an eRace can send an email to to find out more.