Boasting 69 consecutive wins in the men’s pair, Murray and Bond also hold the World Best Time, two Olympic titles and are only one of two boats to hold the World Best Time in two categories (men’s pair and men’s coxed pair).

As their last season together came to an end, Murray and Bond decided to publish a book. Their relationship over the years has often been categorised as strictly “work” rather than friends or teammates. But nonetheless, these two incredible athletes spent countless hours sitting together in a space no larger than two square metres. So, what does the book reveal?

The story begins by delving into the past of each of the pair, taking the reader through their introduction to sports and finally to their first moments on the water. It captures each of their personalities, Murray providing the more light-hearted side, while Bond takes on a more pensive tone. The story weaves between the two athletes, focusing on their respective paths toward the national team, followed by their early trials and tribulations on the New Zealand squad.

The background builds the foundation that helps to explain, if that is even possible, how these two finally came together and achieved incredible success.

The real story begins when the pair is finally formed. How did these two, very different yet similarly driven athletes, become the most successful crew in the history of rowing? How did these two, despite upsets with family situations and some spats with Rowing New Zealand, manage to break records left and right? 

Did it always work? No. Was there a chance the Kiwi Pair would never even make it past London? Yes. What happened? Well, you will have to read the book to find out.

The book is an insight into the personality, the determination, the teamwork and the sacrifice that are necessary to shape elite international rowers. Told in the first person perspective from Bond and Murray themselves, it takes the reader along for the ride, making them feel as if they experienced these years alongside the duo. It divulges some of the mucky past, shines light on some of the cobwebs, but it also highlights the triumphs and the ultimate incredible bond between Hamish Bond and Eric Murray – the Kiwi Pair.

Reference: Eric Murray, Hamish Bond, Scotty Stevenson, Penguin Group New Zealand, Limited, 2016