Fans watch the lightweight men's four Final B at the 2012 Olympic Rowing Regatta at Eton-Dorney near London, Great Britain.

After hearing of all the great work on promotion being carried out by the organising committee, British Rowing and UK Sport, they have re-considered and decided that there will only side by side racing at the regatta.

The Eton Dorney venue attracted nearly 200’000 spectators to come view the sport of rowing during the London 2012 Olympic Games. This is a record for a rowing regatta at an Olympic Games. The second 2013 Samsung World Rowing Cup seeks to re-create this spirit and legacy. It will feature television production and big screen video boards for all racing days. The key members of the Olympic regatta’s sports presentation team will be working to re-create the atmosphere of the Games. As well, a special programme for children from local schools is progressing well and they too will be able feel the excitement that can be achieved at the Eton Dorney Olympic venue.

FISA does point out that time trials are still the alternative, after shifting lanes and postponing, on the heats day if there is an unfair wind situation. Crews and the organisers will have to be ready if the situation calls for it. Fair results from the heats are a requirement to end with a fair regatta.