Do it for rowing. 

As we celebrate the sport of rowing, we want to see what people can do in their rowing boats or on the indoor rowing machine. Can do you do a headstand in the boat? Can you take one oar out without flipping? Can you turn your oars a full circle while rowing?

If you have a trick, now is your chance to show the world. Here’s how:

1.      Film or photograph your rowing trick

2.      Send the photo or video to

3.      Post the photo or video on your social platform of choice and tag us

4.      Submission deadline is 22 September, 2020

We will select the best tricks to share on our social media platforms and the top videos will get collected into one hall of fame video clip.

Criteria for submission:

·         Rowing trick should be performed in a boat or on an indoor rowing machine

·         Videos or photos should be submitted between 7 September and 22 September 2020.

·         Trick should be performed without endangering or harming others, or the rower themselves.

Please only attempt tricks that are safe for the rower, teammates and rowing equipment and ensure proper supervision.

Show us what you can do! #rowingtricks