This November “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” from around the world took part. Within this crowd were groups of rowers, some of them stuck on training camps together in different parts of the world.

Bryn Coudraye of Australia taking part in 'Movember'


Men’s health has been highlighted by various athletes. Cycling’s Lance Armstrong is one of the most famous survivor of testicular cancer. In rowing German Olympian member Michael Ruhe was diagnosed with testicular cancer after a random doping test signalled that he had it. Ruhe was 25 years old at the time (2005), the same age as Armstrong when he was treated for cancer.

Last year 27-year-old Simon Hislop of Great Britain was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Hislop detected and was treated for cancer early enough that he was able to return within weeks to rowing and studying at Oxford University. This year Hislop stroked the Oxford men’s eight in the Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race.

Now Hislop is involved with a charity that raises funds for cancer research and says he would have participated in Movember but admits his babyface didn’t let him grow a moustache. Hislop does feel strongly about men getting lumps checked.

“Some may be embarrassed about going to their doctor to have a lump checked out,” says Hislop, “but that really can be a fatal mistake. I had the benefit of medical training that alerted me to the lump in my testis. Other chaps might not be so lucky. Working in hospital I've seen what can happen to lads who get advanced testicular cancer that isn't caught early. To put it bluntly, it can kill very quickly. It's therefore essential that men check their testicles for lumps.”

Australia's Francis Heggarty of the men's eight taking part in 'Movember'


World Rowing has gathered together a few samples of the growth that some of our best rowers managed to achieve in November and in the process help a worthy cause.

In Australia some of the top rowers competed to be top mo-growers. The results were:


Winner: Josh Booth

Runners Up: Francis Hegerty, Bryn Coudraye

Honourable Mention: Tom Larkins circa November 3




Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 14.20.07

Winner: Josh Booth

Runners Up: David Crawshay, Toby Lister

Great Britain’s heavyweight men did a twitter campaign to promote Movember, and raised over £5000.

Take a look at the group photo (right).

In the United States is holding a poll to pick the best moustache, have a look here.