Just a light tailwind that picked up during the morning session caused slightly bumpier but still very rowable water conditions compared to yesterday.

Today’s repechages started perfectly on time. Once again the grandstand was filled with supporters and they were able to follow the races on the big screen on site.

Summary of races

Men’s Pair – repechage
The first two boats of each repechage qualified for the a-finals. Matej Mach and Martin Musil (CZE) had the best time of the Men’s Pairs with 6:50.43, followed by Hao He and Meng Zhang (CHN). Raffaele Giulivo and Andrea Maestrale (ITA) and Tom Hunt and Callum Nott (AUS) secured their tickets for the a-finals in the second repechage. The crew from USA, after their race (repechage 1), made an objection because of problems to hear the roll call. However, their objection was rejected. Qualifiers for the b-finals: USA, IND, SRI, EST, CRO

Women’s Pair – repechage
Five crews raced in this repechage and the first four crews could qualify for the a-finals. Tinka Offereins and Lonneke Bos (NED) were the fastest boat, followed by Frances Russel and Susannah Dear (GBR), Siqi Zhang and Yan Liu (CHN) and Hedda Cooper and Olivia Sibillin (AUS). Only the a-final will be rowed in this boat class due to seven boats having entered.

Women’s Single Sculls – repechage
Five crews fought for the two tickets to the a-final. The two single scullers crossing the finish line first were Nicole Lamb (GBR) and Chuchu Zhuang (CHN). Qualifiers for the b-finals: ITA, EST, IND

Men’s Single Sculls – repechage
The Men’s Single Sculls wzas rowed in two repechages, requiring at least a second place to qualify for the a-final. Well-known Quentin Antognelli (MON) as well as Guido Ciardi (ITA), Zhi Chen (CHN) and Christian von Warburg (GER) took this opportunity. Qualifiers for the b-finals:  CZE, IND, USA, RSA, AUS

Men’s Four – repechage
The repechage of the Men’s Four got under way with a slight delay caused by a crew being late at the start. This did not stop success for the boats from Great Britain, Switzerland, United States and Croatia qualifying for the a-final. Qualifiers for the b-final: CHN, IND

Women’s Four – repechage
Only one repechage was rowed in this boat class with the first four crews going to the a-final. The USA, having the most supporters in the grandstand, came second behind the Netherlands. Switzerland and China granted their spots in the a-finals as well. Since seven boats entered in this event, only the a-final will be rowed tomorrow and the b-final will not take place.

Men’s Double Sculls – repechage
Two tickets for the a-finals were given in this boat class. Laurentius Lipman and Louis Stolper (NED) had the best start and led for the entire race. Hugo Langsford and William Mure (AUS) and Xiaolu Liu and Ruiyang Wang (CHN) fought hard for the second place, with Australia winning by just a canvas. Qualifying for the b-finals: CHN, SUI, USA

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls – repechage
Four crews had the chance to progress to the a-final through two repechages. The German twins Marion and Johanna Reichardt were leading most of repechage 1, being finally overtaken by Alexandra Styles and Fiona Chestnutt (GBR). Both crews secured their places in the a-finals, as well as Rose Beasley and Jillian Roberts (AUS) and Anouk van Leeuwen and Arlette de Vegt (NED). Qualifiers for the b-finals: POL, CAN, IND, SUI, CZE, USA

Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls – repechage
Benjamin Reeves and Matthew Curtis (GBR) led the first half of repechage 1 but Ryan Delaney and Christopher Mittendorf (RSA) showed a strong finish, putting themselves on first position. Both crews qualified for the a-final. Repechage 2 was an easy one for Jonathan Schreiber and Julian Schneider (GER), ensuring their place in the a-final. Alexandar Damjanovic and Luke Smith (USA) and Dariusz Paczkowski and Dawid Wachowicz (POL) fought hard for the remaining second ticket, with Poland making it by just 0.3 seconds. Qualifiers for the b-finals: EST, CRO, CHN, USA, IND

Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls – semifinals
Today’s first and only semifinals were rowed in the Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls and it required at least a third place to row in tomorrow’s a-final. Harrison Somerville from New Zealand won the first semifinal with a clear gap of seven seconds to Alfonso Scalzone (ITA) in the second place. Richard Vanko (SVK) came in third place. The second semifinal was much closer, with Joachim Agne (GER) winning in 7:08.05, followed by Jayden Gery (AUS) in 07:09.24 and Vincent Goris (NED) in 7:11.24. Qualifiers for the b-finals: HKG, USA, SUI, CHN, CRO, EST

All results can be found here

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