The Qualification Tournament will last until early February 2021, providing competitors multiple opportunities to try and qualify for the live finals in late February. The WRICH finals will take place 23-27 February 2021, and will happen in real-time.

All finalists will be able to compete from a location of their choosing and selected races will be streamed live on from the various competitor locations around the globe, with race graphics and commentary. 

The Qualification Tournament will feature two qualification pathways: An Open Qualification and a Continental Qualification. The number of athletes to qualify from each pathway for the WRICH finals will vary by race category. This approach is to ensure that athletes who wish to compete in a live race will have that opportunity at their Continental Qualification event, while also permitting athletes who wish to complete their qualification piece at a time of their choice to do so via Open Qualification.

One qualification event will be organised for each of the five continental regions: Asia, Oceania, Americas, Africa, and Europe. The dates and hosts of the Continental Qualification Events will be announced in the coming weeks as they become finalised, as well as the final dates of the Qualification Tournament and Open Qualification window.

The WRICH finals will each include 10-20 qualified athletes, varying by race category. A maximum of two athletes from the same country may qualify for a final race via the Open Qualification pathway.

All race categories will be offered for men and women. Race categories at the WRICH include:

2000 metres: open, lightweight, under-23, under-23 Lightweight, under-19, PR1, PR2, PR3-PI, PR3-II (intellectually impaired), masters age categories, lightweight masters age categories.

500 metres: open, lightweight, under-23, under-23 lightweight, Uuder-19, PR1, PR2, PR3-PI, PR3-II (intellectually impaired), masters age categories (up to 60+), lightweight masters age categories (up to 60+).

60 minutes: open

Team Test: men’s team of four, women’s team of four, mixed team of four.

The 2021 WRICH is open to all athletes anywhere in the world with access to a Concept2 rowing machine (static Concept2 model C, D or E with a PM3, PM4 or PM5). Athletes will need to register for the WRICH in order to participate in the Qualification Tournament, as well as pay an entry fee.

Competitors will be able to participate in one or both qualification pathways from a location of their choosing. Competitors will be required to meet score verification requirements in order to ensure fair play. There is no limit to the number of events for which an athlete can qualify, however the constraint may be competing in a multiple number of finals in a limited space of time. A provisional schedule of the WRICH finals will be published in the coming weeks, along with details of verification requirements, lightweight weighing protocols and detailed entry information.

Event information and further announcements will be made on the 2021 WRICH event page at


2021 World Rowing Indoor Championships Finals Schedule