In the test race, Birgit Skarstein from Norway set a new World Best Time, beating her own best time by nearly two seconds. Off the block, Skarstein quickly got into the lead, establishing her position ahead of Ukraine’s Anna Sheremet.

Skarstein has been a regular on the podium of this event, winning the World Championship title in Sarasota-Bradenton last year. She settled on 32 strokes per minute and got into the middle of her race pace. Sheremet rated slightly higher, but wasn’t able to keep with Skarstein’s pace. Crossing the finish line, Skarstein picked up another gold medal.

Results: NOR, UKR

Birgit Skarstein, Norway, gold
“I really enjoyed that. I have been looking forward to coming back here for a while. It was quite hot, but this is good preparation for Tokyo 2020 especially as I am from Norway. I know what I am going to work on from here, it’s been useful preparation, but it was really nice to see everyone in the rowing community.”

Anna Sheremet, Ukraine, silver
“The race went really well. It was better than the test race yesterday. It went according to plan and next I will be going to Linz.”