The Beach Sprint Finals will be in the southern Chinese coastal city of Shenzhen from 25-27 October 2019 and the timing fits in with the 2019 World Rowing Coastal Championships.

Open to all nations, start planning now to be part of this inaugural event.

The format of beach sprint racing sees participants start on the beach, then run to their boats which are at the water’s edge.  Participants get into their boats and race for 250m on the sea. The race uses a slalom format around three buoys before heading directly back to the beach where participants must get out of their boats and sprint up the beach to the finish line. So, as well as 250m of water racing, there is about 50m of running.

Entries must come through to World Rowing from National Rowing Federations, rather than clubs, as is the case for the World Rowing Coastal Championships. National Federations can enter one entry per boat class.

2016 Asian Beach Games © Guin Batten


Entries must be received by 11 October 2019 through the World Rowing entry system.

The boat classes include: men’s solo (CM1x), women’s solo (CW1x), mixed double sculls (CMix2x) and mixed coxed quadruple sculls (CMix4x+).

All boats will be provided by the Shenzhen organising committee.

As the Beach Sprint Finals will happen just before the coastal championships means that coastal rowers will be able to race at both. The Shenzhen location makes it ideal as the World Rowing Coastal Championships are being held nearby in Hong Kong directly after the Beach Sprint Finals.

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