Seoul, Korea para-rowing classification workshop, April 2013
The workshop was designed to provide training for eligible medical and technical classifiers who wish to classify athletes at the national level. FISA para-rowing commission members, Judy Morrison and Shirley Stokes were the instructors and a total of 20 people participated from five countries including Korea, Mexico, Ireland, Australia and Denmark.

Korea para-rowing classification workshop

At the conclusion of the workshop participants classified approximately 20 para-rowers for competition at the Korean national adaptive trials. The trials took place at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games rowing venue. 

“These classifiers are all excited to go back to their home towns and countries and practice classifying rowers to increase the number of athletes at FISA events,” stated Morrison after the event.

The purpose of classification is to provide a structure for competition.  Classification is undertaken to ensure that a para-rowing athlete’s impairment is relevant to sport performance and to ensure that the athlete competes equitably with other athletes.  Classification determines the eligibility to compete and groups athletes for competition.
There are two types of classifiers - medical and technical.  Medical classifiers are either physiotherapists or doctors. Technical classifiers are coaches, rowers, or sport scientists who have experience with para-rowing. 
The workshop included one and a half days of classroom lecture, and one and a half days of practical experience where athletes were classified. All of the athletes who were classified were from Korea and represent a growing interest in para-rowing in the country.