The World Champions, Brazil performed a class act in this first final of the 2018 World Rowing Championships. Diana Barcelos De Oliveira and Jairo Klug of Brazil won the preliminary race earlier in the week and with just 500m rowed they had a two second lead over Russia’s Evgenii Borisov and Valentina Zhagot. Russia did their best to keep up with Brazil but instead had to keep their eye on Austria’s Johanna Beyer and David Erkinger. Beyer and Erkinger then did a big push and managed to get ahead of Russia. Austria tried to close on Brazil but the Brazilian’s had such a lead that there was nothing much that Austria could do. At the head of the race Brazil did not need to sprint the finish. The big fight in the final sprint went on for bronze with Germany sprinting through to challenge Russia. Russia only just held them off. Brazil had finished two seconds outside of the World Best Time.

Results: BRA, AUT, RUS, GER, USA

Jairo Klug (s), Brazil, gold
“It’s been a tough year as we’ve both had injuries. Mine was in the middle of the season, her’s was just at the start. I lost my father four days before flying out to Plovdiv, so this is a very special win.”

Johanna Beyer (b), Austria, silver
“We had a bit of a slow start in the first 1000 meters as we were behind the field but we decided to keep calm and do a faster 1000 meters. This is our first year in the double, next year we might do the same or we might try and do a mixed coxed four.”

Evgenii Borisov (s), Russia, bronze
“It was a very good push by Germany at the very end. They were so fast! The last 100 meters I gave everything, I’m so happy to win.

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