The four boats came from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland and Israel. The early leaders were Ukraine with the Polish crews having a rather wobbly start and would need to put in some work to catch up. Israel was now coming up to challenge Ukraine and they overtook the Ukrainians to move into the lead. Ukraine tried to hold on and they kept within striking distance of Israel. Israel, rating 31, now moved away from Ukraine who had a slightly higher stroke rate.

Nothing changed in the final sprint and Israel went up to 33 strokes per minute then 35 to win the race.

Results: ISR, UKR, NED, POL

Leah Marissa Sass (c), Israel, Gold
“I think that went well! It went as planned and we did everything right. It good to be back racing internationally in a regatta with able body people as I think it raises the level of competition.”

Olexandra Polianska (b), Ukraine, Silver,
“We wanted better but the head-wind made it very difficult. We’re part of a new crew so we’re still working things out.”

Luuk Veltink, Netherlands, Bronze,
“It was hard with the weather but the race went well! We’re a new crew so we’re just trying to gain experience.”

Re-watch the race here!