The crowd was loving this one. Chasing the Paralympic Champions, Great Britain down the course was the United States. Great Britain has dominated this boat class for years and the crew of Fox, Stanhope, Rakauskaite and Clough still includes Clough and Fox who were part of the Paralympic winning boat. Over the years Canada has given Great Britain a run for their money, but the crew has been pretty much untouchable. Today Great Britain took off from the start and never looked back. As the race progressed they proved their superior power by moving further and further away from their competitors. Meanwhile the US had slotted into second and were giving the crowd something to cheer about. The order of the crews remained the same to the line with Great Britain crossing in a new World Best Time of 6:55.7. This breaks the World Best Time that was set earlier in the week by this same British crew. 

Results: GBR, USA, ITA, UKR

Oliver Stanhope, Great Britain, gold
“That was my first international race, but this is the best place I’ve rowed in. we’ve had to do a lot of aerobic training to transition from 1km to 2km, but I am super happy.”

Michael Varro, United States of America, silver
“This was a first great race for me. I learned a lot from the crew. Being here at the world championships is a great experience. I’ve always been athletic, but I only decided to move into rowing one year ago.”

Gaetano Iannuzzi (c), Italy, bronze
“We had a great start and because of that we could stay in touch with Ukraine. I focused on keeping the boat calm and wait for the right moment. We could pull a great progression in the last 500m.”